• September 22, 2017
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  • Drug and alcohol-free workplace policy FAQs
    Updated On: Feb 09, 2016

    1. What happens if my collective bargaining agreement conflicts with the Drug and Alcohol Policy? 

    Section 5.1.13of the Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy advises the following: “This policy does not supersede the applicability and enforceability of other agreements, rules, policies and regulations.” 

    2. Section 6.6 of the policy that discusses random indicates all agreement and non-agreement employees are subject to testing through Amtrak’s Random Drug Testing Program? 

    Employees are subject to random testing in accordance with Amtrak's Drug and Alcohol Random Testing Program as well as state and federal laws. The random testing pools have not changed. A change would only occur if a federally mandated regulation is enacted that requires the testing pools to add or delete positions. 

    3. Can I drink alcohol while on the train? 

    Employees should review the Amtrak Rail pass Policy APIM 10.10 section 5.12.1, which states the following: 

    5.12.1 Alcohol Consumption. 

    Employees who are traveling on company business, who are in travel status (whether compensated or not), who are subject to being called to duty,* or who are traveling under a business pass or voucher, may not consume alcohol while on the train. 

    (while commuting on rail pass privileges to and from work) 

    Employees using personal pass privileges to travel on personal time (days off, vacation/personal leave, etc.) may consume alcohol while on the train. Such employees are not considered to be in travel status and are not subject to being called to duty.* 

    As with a revenue passenger, violation of rules, or inappropriate behavior, can lead to removal from the train, and the pass rider may be subject to disciplinary action that could affect pass privileges or employment status. 

    Some employees are in positions that would subject them to being called to duty in the event of an incident involving the train, even if they are traveling on their own time. Those employees may not consume alcohol while on the train.

    4. Can I drink when Amtrak is supplying my lodging?

    The drug and alcohol policy does not address off-duty conduct; however, employees should bear in mind that any disruptive or inappropriate behavior at Amtrak provided lodging can result in disciplinary action even if it occurs while the employee is off-duty.

    5. What is a uniform with company emblem or whiling wearing insignia lanyard defined as?

    Wearing an item(s), that displays the company logo/emblem. Not all employees are required to wear uniforms in their position that is why professional conduct is always critical while in clothing that represents the company.

    6. Is there a list of over the counter medications that are prohibited?

    Amtrak should be advised of all medications that have the potential to interfere with the safe performance of an employee's job duties. Prescription medicine and over-the-counter drugs can impair mental judgment and functioning skills in ways similar to alcohol and drug use.

    7. How and when do my treating physician and I complete the "Authorization to Work with Medications" Form (NRPC 3133)?

    At the time your treating physician is prescribing medication(s) (e.g. at the physician's office), that has the potential to interfere with the safe performance of your position you should have already presented him/her in detail of your current job responsibilities.

    8. If I am only taking OTC medications, do I need to complete the "Authorization to Work with Medications" form (NRPC 3133) and fax it to Medical Services?

    Yes. You are expected to read the entire label of the OTC medication(s) you are purchasing for personal use and strictly adhere to its use instructions.

    9. If I have already notified Amtrak of a prescription or OTC medication, do I need to complete the "Authorization to Work with Medication(s) form (NRPC 3133) again?

    Yes. Yearly for ongoing medicines and episodically for other medications

    10. If I get a DUI or a drug charge do I have to tell Amtrak?

    If an employee is  convicted  of a drug or alcohol related crime, Amtrak will investigate all of the circumstances in accordance with the Federal Drug Free Workplace Act.  As a condition of employment, an employee must notify their supervisor within 24-72 hours of any criminal drug or alcohol statute conviction for a violation which occurred on company premises, a job site, or off property.

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