• September 22, 2017
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    Updated: Sep. 22 (10:03)

    AMFA-SWA Roadshow Flyer
    Bookkeeper Wanted!
    IBEW Local 191
    September 2017
    IUPAT local 10
    NLRB Pick Litigated Reagan’s Air Traffic Case
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    Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act
    Charlotte Area Local APWU
    NLRB Pick Litigated Reagan’s Air Traffic Case
    Teamsters Local 355
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      Is it an alcohol use disorder?

          On the Education page, read the research-based information provided by the National Institutes of Health, including symptoms of an alcohol use disorder and drinking habits associated with low- and high-risk drinking.      What symptoms can you spot in John and Mary’s stories?      Is their drinking low- or high-risk.

      Education can be fun

          Sacramento keeps Operation RedBlock education fun and delicious. Each month, the team hosts a 12-hour RedBlock awareness event with free food.      Past events have included tacos, ice cream and barbecue.

      What are the rewards of being an ORB volunteer?

      “It’s satisfying to help my fellow brothers and sisters keep their jobs.” —Kalynn Dawson, Western Division ORB captain

      How is an ORB volunteer similar to a concerned friend?

      “I find that ORB volunteers have a natural inclination to help others - our concern for others is genuine.” —Rory Black, Southern Division peer advocate

      What are the rewards of being an ORB volunteer?

      “Experiencing a positive outcome for employees with various problems.” —Voncille Holman, New York Division captain

      Trainmaster George Ross supports Operation RedBlock as an events coordinator for the New England Division. He distributes educational material to captains and notifies managers of upcoming events.          Planning enables managers to ensure a full staff during RedBlock events. He also advocates the program to other managers.
          Sheila Heard, captain, is a reputable New England Division’s Operation RedBlock team member. In 2015, she was honored to receive both a Captain’s Award and a Spirit Award. “She gets out there and has a lot of passion for what she does,” said George Ross, events coordinator. “She really wants to make sure people get the right information.”
         Trainmaster Eric Johnson is a longtime Operation RedBlock supporter. He serves on New England Division’s ORB steering committee, but he became a volunteer 16 years ago as a conductor. “I’m involved because I like helping people,” he said. “I do it to save lives.” As a manager, Johnson is key in supporting RedBlock culture.
         How does Operation RedBlock support Amtrak as a whole? “We are accessible to all Amtrak union employees. We promote a drug- and alcohol-free workplace, and safety is a result of our program.” Do you see a greater need for RedBlock now as compared to 10 or 20 years ago? “Maybe a little more as there are new designer drugs and higher potencies than in the past.”

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